Rabbi David Halevi Draa Zatzal

The gravesite of Rabbi David Halevi Draa, one of the most venerated saints among the Jews of Morocco, can be found in the village of Draa, not far from Dimneth. The tomb of Rabbi David is covered with immense palm tree branches, and for that reason this Tzaddik is also popularly know by the name Mul Nachla Lechadra, which translated means, “the Saint of the green palm tree.”

All throughout the year, numerous Jews come to make a pilgrimage at his gravesite, and the miracles that occur there astound everyone.

Once there was a Jew who was blind and crippled, and so he went to make a pilgrimage to the gravesite of Rabbi David Halevi Draa on the day of his Hilloula. After a short time, he suddenly realized that he could see and that his crippled limbs could move. The crowd about the man was staggered when this miracle occurred, and they began to sing and dance in a frenzy.

The man never left the place since that day. He built his house near the Tzaddik’s tomb, got married, and when his first son was born, he named him David after the Tzaddik.

Everyday one could witness a new miracle near the tomb of Rabbi David Halevi. Once, a child fell gravely ill and from day to day his sickness got worse, to the point that the doctors lost all hope of saving him. His father therefore made a vow that if his son would be healed, he would travel with his entire family to the tomb of Rabbi David Halevi to slaughter a sheep and distribute the meat to the poor. The child got better and the father traveled with his entire family to the tomb of Rabbi David in order to fulfill his vow.

On the way, his second son, a baby at the time, fell ill. His wife begged him to return home and to put the pilgrimage back until later. The husband stubbornly refused and affirmed that he had to fulfill his vow whatever the cost. When they arrived in Draa, the baby was even worse. The father prostrated himself on the tomb of the Tzaddik and prayed that his son also be healed.

For a long time the baby lay unconscious, not even crying. It then began to move its feet and hands, then burst into tears. The happy mother couldn’t believe her eyes. She gave the baby to eat and all trace of illness disappeared.

Up until our days, the Jews of Morocco pronounce the name of the Tzaddik Rabbi David Halevi with love and veneration, and from generation to generation people continue to recount the miracles that he performed during his lifetime and after his death.





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