Rabbi Yitzchak Lumbroso

Rabbi Yitzchak Lumbroso was the student of Rabbi Avraham Taieb, Rabbi Tsemah Tsarfati, and Rabbi Avraham Hacohen. His father, Rabbi Yaakov, demanded the best teaches and the greatest rabbis for his son, for he recognized his talents.

In the company of his teachers, his attitude was humble and attentive, and he nourished himself with their profound wisdom. His teachers sensed that a rare pearl had been entrusted to them, and they polished it with love and devotion.

His fame became very great, and many students crowded into the Beit Midrash. He thus had the merit of seeing his student become great scholars.

Not hesitating to give of himself and his money, he helped orphans and the downtrodden. When he saw a poor man, he brought him into his house, took care of his food and clothing as well as his spiritual needs, and his wife the Rebbetzin raised him like a mother raises her son, selflessly and lovingly.

Rabbi Yitzchak was still young when asked to become a Dayan in Tunis. The decisions he made greatly enlightened the Rabbis of his generation. He frequently corresponded with the sages of Livorno, Italy, and his novel interpretations were transmitted and studied with admiration. His profound knowledge of the rules of grammar and the law allowed him to enact decrees that are still in force today.

By 5498 (1738), he was already Chief Rabbi of Tunis, and despite differences of opinion among its different communities he was still accepted, loved, and honored by all. He performed all his functions as Rabbi with all the necessary integrity.

For many years, no one was as rich and prestigious as Rabbi Yitzchak Lumbroso. He knew both the revealed and secret aspects of the Torah equally well. Moreover, his piety and modesty were without limit, and he had the characteristics of a veritable Amora.

He was the author of the famous book Zerah Yitzchak, which he wrote with the help of Rabbi Yeshua Tanoudji. The first part of his book is devoted to novel interpretations on almost the entire Talmud, and the second part is devoted to responsum.

The immense wisdom of Rabbi Yitzchak Lumbroso has remained indelibly engraved in the memory of the generations, such a great light it has been for Israel’s glory during the exile. He rendered his soul to his Creator in 5512 (1752), but his influence has not ceased to spread in the midst of the wonderful Tunisian community and beyond.

May his merit protect us all. Amen.




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