Rabbi Moshe Biderman –The Lelover Rebbe

Rabbi Moshe Biderman was born in the Polish town of Lelov in 5535 to the saintly Rabbi David, may his merit protect us. His father was the founder of the outstanding Lelover dynasty and one of the greatest disciples of the Chozeh of Lublin. From his youth, Rabbi Moshe acquired Torah and Chassidut from his holy father, as well as from his father’s Rav, the Chozeh of Lublin, who spoke enthusiastically of him.

After his marriage to the daughter of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak, the Yid Hakadosh (holy Jew) of Pshischa, Rabbi Moshe did not want to accept any official positions. Instead, he placed himself in the shadow of the other tzaddikim. When Rabbi Mordechai of Chernobyl learned of him, Rabbi Moshe did not want to remain living in Chernobyl. He therefore moved to Pshischa and placed himself in the shadow of his father-in-law. There in Pshischa he grew in Torah and Chassidut, in holiness and purity. Like his father, Rabbi Moshe was known for his great love of Jews. He was a hidden tzaddik, a man who did not want to officially become a Rebbe. Instead he went to acquire Torah and Chassidut among the tzaddikim of the generation. He was famous for his longing for Eretz Israel, which he loved with all his heart and soul. In fact it did not take him long for his love of the land to translate into action. Thus in the year 5610, Rabbi Moshe traveled to the Holy Land and settled in Jerusalem. When he left the Diaspora, those close to him wanted to know to whom he was leaving them. Rabbi Moshe answered that in Poland there remained the Rebbe of Radomsk, the Tiferet Shlomo. Unfortunately, Rabbi Moshe did not live long in Jerusalem, for within a year, on Tevet 11, 5611, he was summoned to Heaven. Rabbi Moshe Biderman is buried on the Mount of Olives. May his merit protect us all.




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