Rabbi Israel Hager – The Ahavat Israel of Viznitz

Rabbi Israel Hager was the son of the saintly Rabbi Baruch of Viznitz (may his merit protect us all), and a descendant of the Ahavat Shalom of Kossov, Rabbi Naphtali of Ropshitz, and the great Maggid of Mezritch, Rabbi Dov Ber. Rabbi Israel was recognized for his refined character early on in life, and he was always quick to help those who were afflicted or depressed. Apart from this, he was known to spend all his hours immersed in Torah study and the service of Hashem.

When his father the Rebbe of Viznitz passed away in 5653, Rabbi Israel assumed the leadership of the community. As the new Rebbe of Viznitz, he revealed himself as a very lofty individual, one who shared in the pain of both the community and the individual, and who rejoiced with each and every person. From every neighboring province, multitudes came to him in order to stand in his shadow. Opening his Beit Midrash of Viznitz, the chassidim of Romania saw in him a great leader, a father, and a protector. He poured out his soul before Hashem in prayer, especially on festivals and the Days of Awe. His melodies took root among his chassidim, and they are even sung to the present day. They also found a place within the greater Chassidic world. In 5665 the Rebbe founded the famous Viznitz yeshiva, which today continues his work throughout the land of Israel, especially in Bnei Brak. In 5678 he went to live in Grosswardein, where he remained until his passing. Rabbi Israel Hager served as the Rebbe of Viznitz for many years, until his soul ascended to the celestial academy on Sivan 2, 5696. He left behind four sons: Rabbi Menachem Mendel (Av Beit Din of Vishiva), Rabbi Eliezer (Av Beit Din of Viznitz), Rabbi Chaim Meir (Rebbe in Bnei Brak and father of the present day Rebbe of Viznitz Shlita), and Rabbi Baruch (father of the Rebbe of Seret-Viznitz Shlita). After the Second World War, Rabbi Israel Hager’s remains were moved to the Zichron Meir cemetery in Bnei Brak. May his merit protect us all.






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