The Rebbe Berish Landau of Biala

Rabbi Berish Landau Zatzal was born in 5580 to Rabbi Avraham Zatzal, the Rebbe of Ciechanow. He was eventually drawn to the Chassidut of Rabbi Yitzchak of Vorki, even becoming one of his disciples. By going to Vorki, Rabbi Berish also became acquainted with the Chiddushei HaRim of Ger, who would always ask him to relate one of his father’s teachings.

Already during his father’s lifetime, Rabbi Berish hosted meals for the chassidim, even during the weekdays. When his father was told of this, he ordered several bottles of wine to be placed on the table on his behalf. After his father’s passing, Rabbi Berish began to lead the community with great vigor, hosting a meal where he related words of Torah to the chassidim. Although he lived a very austere life, Rabbi Berish still managed to spend his evenings, like his days, immersed in the study of the holy Torah. He brought such an abundance of blessings and wealth to his chassidim that people said that none of the Rebbe’s chassidim required gifts for the poor during Purim or money for Passover. Rabbi Berish had five sons who became famous in their own right, some even rebbes. Among them was Rabbi Elimelech Menachem Mendel Landau, the Rebbe of Strikov, from whom the Strikov Chassidic dynasty emerged and exists to the present day. Rabbi Berish passed away on Sivan 25, 5636. May the memory of the tzaddik be blessed.




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